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BreathQ® Corporate Academy Program or Individual Training


Our BREATHQ® programs accommodate specific organizational requirements and help companies to educate their employees in mastering their own breath before health issues occur. Whilst for individuals, we tailor coaching targeted at individual health goals.

Tailored Corporate Programs

Individual 1:1 Trainings

Breathing Challenges

Breathing Workshops

Time efficient training

Team building

Self-paced learning

Various delivery platforms

Certified Breath Instructors

Multi-language coaches

Science-based and effective

Inclusive and accessible to all

cultures, religions, gender

Find your corporate program, your individual class and your personal instructor to address your company goals and individual needs with instant results.

An adult
inhales and exhales
7-8 liters of air
per minute.


BreathQs breathing sessions by our international network of certified breath coaches

empower people to become breath aware and master their breathing to the full benefit

- after a short period, without further guidance.

Kundalini Yoga Breathing
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