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master your breath. improve your life.

We upgrade your mental and physical health by enabling you to tap the most powerful
source of energy: your breath.

In a demanding, performance oriented corporate environment breath is the ultimate key essence for our wellbeing. The BreathQ® academy program addresses corporate responsibility for maintaining employees’ health, while at the same time providing tools for performance improvement.



the right choice if you want to

  • elevate the health of your team

  • create a strong forward thinking well-being culture

  • offer strategies for your employees to gain their individual best performance 

  • strengthen resilience and empower mindfulness

  •  maximize productivity of your staff

  • reduce sick notes

  • inspire your colleagues to love their workplace


Breath is the

Quintessence of

health and longevity. 

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At BREATHQ we help our clients to discover their breath as an inherent powerful resource

and teach simple, safe, science-based and effective breathing exercises to improve

their breathing – after a short period without further guidance.  

Our approach is inclusive, easy-to-understand and accessible to all cultures, religions and gender and specifically tailored to meet the organizational needs of corporate clients. 






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Breathing impacts every aspect of our health.

If you suffer from stress, headaches, sleeping problems, poor concentration, fatigue, breathlessness, anxiety, pain or digestive problems, your breath often is the key to overcome those conditions.  


Learn with us how you can upgrade your mental and physical health by your most important source of energy - your breath!

We would be happy to create a program that perfectly suits your needs. 

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