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Are all BreathQ breathing techniques safe for me?

At BreathQ we only teach practices applicable to all people, regardless of age or condition. Our approach is to provide breathing techniques that are accessible, simple, easy to understand and adaptable to your daily life.

What are the key benefits of healthy breathing?

Breathing affects our entire body and nervous system so the benefits for clients can be tremendous. Some of the major benefits of healthy breathing patterns are reduced feelings of stress, anxiety and depression, improved sleeping patterns, greater emotional balance, increased performance, higher energy and decreased fatigue.

I work in business/HR - Will all my employees benefit from the breathing?

Yes! Healthy breathing can improve the life of everyone. Our experience shows that the vast majority observes remarkably positive results within a few weeks. For some clients better breathing patterns are life-changing. For others it's simply a useful tool for their daily life. 

How long will it take to accomplish a BreathQ program?

Our academy programs usually run 4 to 5 weeks for private clients and/or organisations. 

How is BreathQ different from other breathwork?  

You will find a big variety of different approaches to teach breathwork out there. Many of them are very extreme or spiritual. That is not us. Breathing with BreathQ is science-based, inclusive and accessible to all cultures, religions and gender with a focus on tailored programs for corporate clients.

What we do and what we don't do

All BreathQ instructors are certified YOGABODY® breathing coaches and qualified to coach clients. Yet breathing coaches are not trained to treat, diagnose or cure any illness or disease or give medical advice. 

Where do the programs take place? 

Our programs are designed to suit your unique lifestyle, no matter where in the world you are. The goal is to enable individuals to self-paced learning. 

Usually all our classes are set up online and delivered via Zoom. Upon special request our Executive Instructors provide exclusive personalised trainings.

What technical equipment will I need for the classes?

You will need a mobile device or computer including a microphone and a camera.

As we are working mainly with Zoom you might want to install this application. 

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