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Passion, expertise and
individual support

BreathQ® is an international collaboration of certified breath coaches who believe that correct breathing is a foundational pillar of a person's wellbeing. Our mission is to bring the benefits of better breathing to a wider audience.

Our programs target personal health and performance goals, based on individual assessments, systematically increasing breathing quality by turning dysfunctional breathing into a functional & sustainable breathing competence.

The embodied experience, how it makes us feel, provides the transformative power of better breathing. Helping our clients to keep alive the breathing practice, and routine. Resulting in improved & long-lasting wellbeing benefits that are accessible to all.

Meet your instructor

Core Team

 The five BreathQ® Co-Founders and Executive Instructors share the same breathing background

and qualification – they are certified YOGABODY® breath coaches,

each with different additional qualifications.

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Breathwork Trainers &

   Breathwork   Trainers

One mission: Enabling clients to access and maximize their full mental

and physical potential by better breathing.


Why join

Access to forward-thinking international clients.


Become part of a growing breathing community.


Learn and grow with like-minded professionals.

State-of-the art breathing academy.


Access to an international network of qualified teaching professionals.  


Professional handling of large-scale coaching programs for multinational companies.

Cross-cultural, cross-country trainings in consistent quality.

Why book

A new standard for

breathwork professionals.

International teacher certification.

Combination of ancient wisdom of pranayama (breathing) plus modern

science-based, safe and simple

breathing techniques.

What is  

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Find answers to these challenging questions:

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