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Certified YOGABODY® Breath Coach

Voice- and Speech- Training Instructor (BYVG)

Where from

Annas resume sounds as diverse as her talents are. Beside her freelance work as a moderator and producer, over the years the trained journalist has worked for several companies as

a senior consultant in communications, editing

and brand development. Her deepest passion

is voice and acting arts since her stage engagements in her early years. Today she is a professional voice actor performing characters, narrations, commercials and podcasts.

And of course she loves teaching breath,

voice and speech.

Why breathwork

Breath had always been key factor in Anna‘s career, if in acting, singing, speech training or interviews. So central, yet often forgotten, we speak and breathe uneconomically most times – with subconscious, but extensive consequences for our private and professional lives. The genius: We can effectively guide ourselves and use our breath to fall asleep, manage stress or focus. Anna enthusiastically passes on these practical benefits as an experienced trainer and BreathQ founding member.

Where to

BE + HEART = BREATHE. Or: BREATHE = BE + EARTH. Astonishing, right?

As this formula fascinates Anna, so does  breathwork. It is so basic, so functional & so suitable for everyday use. A concept, that Anna loves to share with her clients - be they cognitive or intuitive in their approach. Simple and effective methods to manage your own inner breath that can be  used whether breathless, the next speech is coming up, or just to manage a busy stressful day.

Coming soon...

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