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Certified YOGABODY® Breath Coach

Certified YOGABODY® Flexibility Coach
Oxygen Advantage® Breathing Instructor

Where from

After a limited period in the army holding an officers rank, Frank studied economics, majoring in marketing. He has had a long career in marketing with several multinational companies and successfully developed his own consulting firm, which he later sold to his partners. In search of a new challenge, he became a certified private pilot. Today his adventurous life connects him deeply to nature, mainly in his second home in Namibia.

Why breathwork

As a passionate scuba-diver, former world-class shooting expert, young fencing champion and ex karateka Frank was always aware that controlled breathing is essential in certain activities. But it is only recently that he discovered the power of breathing outside of such activities, in his everyday routine. Now, conscious breathing has become his new adventure. And as a founding partner of BreathQ, he is driven by passing this knowledge on to others. 

Where to

Frank has left his former business life behind, but still seeks to consult people, not to improve their business, but to experience the very obvious benefits of better breathing.

To him, it’s all about creating an awareness for something that is taken for granted,

and enabling others to improve their daily breathing routine by handing them a toolbox

for a lifetime of better breathing. 

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