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Certified YOGABODY® Breath Coach

Certified YOGABODY® Flexibility Coach
Certified SOMA® Breath Instructor

Where from

Born in Berlin, raised in South Africa, Silke is deeply rooted in Africa, living and working in Namibia whenever possible, deeply connected to nature. In her professional life she is a passionate business consultant and self-made entrepreneur. With 25 years of strategy work, team trainings and executive coachings in competitive, performance-driven corporate environments she understands the specific challenges multinational organizations are facing today.

As a BreathQ founding partner she can finally combine passion and profession in a

meaningful new vocation.

Why breathwork

Silke has a long personal history of chronic health issues. When she received a cancer diagnosis in March 2020 in the middle of Covid she faced her biggest challenge: How to survive - how to become healthy and stay healthy? The solution was the combination of conventional medicine with alternative therapies and Body-Mind-Trainings.

On her journey she learnt from the best and took a deep-dive into modern research, movement, nutrition, meditation, yoga and neuroscience.

Breathwork became the game changer in her healing process. Today she has fully recovered, providing special expertise in breath-related chronic diseases and effective


Where to

Experiencing the benefits of breathwork in her own life, Silke decided to become a

professional “breath guide” in order to share her knowledge and help others to heal and

strengthen their body and mind. In her trainings she goes beyond the superficial advice and combines ancient wisdom of pranayama (breathing) with modern science.

Silkes approach: holistic with an African twist.

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