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Exclusive one month breath academy program with team-sessions and 1:1 guided sessions helps clients achieve individual goals.

Total timing: 4 - 5 weeks  

Ideal for groups of 10 – 15 participants per coach

  • Team Kick-Off (à 30 min)

  • 4 Individual Online-Coachings (à 30 min /pp)
    OR 4 Group Coachings (à 30 min /group)

  • 3 x 5 min homework per day & mini motivations

  • Free Online-Access to Guided Breathing Practices (Video and Audio)

  • Final Team-Session (Share Experiences, Learnings, Feedback & Certificate)

The program includes an initial assessment of individual’s breath status, health goals as well as monitoring and documentation of progress (journaling).Clients will learn six fundamental breathing techniques:

  • Up-Regulating breathing (x2)

  • Balance breathing (x2)

  • Down-Regulating breathing (x2)


Feedback loops with breath coaches. Inspirational and fun exercises. Scientifically proven, no-frills methods, fast results. Safe and easy to practice – wherever – whenever.

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