Entspannen im Freien

The quality of our breathing
defines the quality of our life


Did you know
that 80% of people
breathe dysfunctionally?

Without realizing we put our bodies and minds into an unwanted fight or flight mode

– thus creating stress, which is a risk factor for 75% to 90% of all human diseases. 


Breathing impacts every aspect of our health – sleep, digestion, movement, mental wellbeing, disease and recovery. Letting go of dysfunctional patterns, is a powerful resource with an amazing life improving potential. And it’s simple, free and available to everyone.


On a single day we take 25.000 breaths – in and out. Over a year, that adds up to 9 million breaths. Over a lifetime that’s around 700 million breaths. So it’s probably worth getting

most of those breaths right – right?

Find out if you have bad breathing habits

Let us show you how to breathe better.

Discover how to efficiently breathe, control your nervous system and improve your wellbeing and performance. 

Relaxing at Home

Quintessential advantages of

efficient breathing:

  • Gain more energy in your daily life

  • Improve your stress management

       at work and in daily situations

  • Optimize work and sport performance

  • Prevent illnesses and recover faster

  • Minimize chronic or transient pain

  • Transform your mood for the better

Join us on a journey to discover how extraordinary the act of breathing can be –
and why so much depends on how we do it.

Mann auf einer Wanderung

This is why Mark is so passionate about breathwork: 

„My breath journey blew me away.

It was crucial to see how extraordinarily breathwork changed my life - and sleep. Easy access and immediate results.”

Mark Goddard: BreathQ founding member and Executive Instructor