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Exclusive one month breath academy program with 1:1 guided sessions help

CLIENTS achieve individual goals.

Total timing: 4 - 5 weeks 

​Onboarding-Session (à 30 min)

  • 4 Individual Online-Coachings (à 30 min)

  • 3 x 5 min homework per day & mini motivations

  • Free Online-Access to Guided Breathing Practices (Video and Audio)

The program includes an initial assessment of individual’s breath status,

health goals as well as monitoring and documentation of progress (journaling).

Clients will learn six fundamental breathing techniques:

  • Up-Regulating breathing (x2)

  • Balance breathing (x2)

  • Down-Regulating breathing (x2)


Feedback loops with breath coaches. Inspirational and fun exercises.

Scientifically proven, no-frills methods, fast results. Safe and easy to practice –

wherever – whenever.

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