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Certified YOGABODY® Breath Coach

Oxygen Advantage® Breathing Instructor

Where from

Mark has worked in the healthcare industry for 30 years, in both corporate companies & start-ups. A focus on supporting surgeons in the operating theatre or colleagues in or out of the boardroom has been the key to the longevity,success, & enjoyment in his career. Having a growth mindset helped Mark to investigate how best to improve the self & others, and led him to Breathwork.

Why breathwork

The modern work environment can be stressful, and over time Mark found he wasn’t always his best self. Looking for a solution, meditation led to Chi Kung and it was here he began to appreciate the power of using his breath to re-balance both energy & wellbeing. As a founding partner of BreathQ he wants to share this wonderful experience with his clients. 

Where to

Mark has been busy coaching corporate clients across the globe in how to harness the breath to help get the best out of ourselves at work & home. Now, he’s expanded his practice, and is helping recreational & elite athletes achieve peak performance through proven science-based breath techniques. He is loving the new supporting role he is playing.

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