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Certified YOGABODY® Breath Coach

Oxygen Advantage® Breathing Instructor

Where from

After many years in the newsroom as an ARD journalist, Martin was lured by a new adventure. With his sights set on Canada, he reduced his possessions to a minimum and left Germany behind for a while. The starting signal for a new phase in his life.

In the meantime, Martin is working remotely and has completely rebalanced his working life. In addition to his coaching for BreathQ and as an Oxygen Advantage® Instructor, Martin keeps the balls in the air as a Managing Editor for ARD Mediathek - the perfect mix between healthy body awareness, deep relaxation and digital multi-tasking.

Why breathwork

Spending most of his time dealing with digital devices Martin appreciates short offline breaks to refresh his mind. Therefore breathing has become his go-to practice.

It helps to calm down within seconds and to keep the focus on the current moment.

A real superpower! What’s the best thing about breathing: each of us can easily employ it.

Being a founding member of BreathQ Martins biggest goal is to support people with

their breath health.

Where to

With breath coaching, Martin has found a meaningful task that he has been looking for in addition to his digital work. He is very happy to be able to pass on knowledge that has such a direct impact on our health and quality of life. His conviction: everyone should know the code for that inner treasure, breathing, and be able to use it at any time.

Coming soon...

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